Carpet Cleaning Myth #4

“You should actually avoid cleaning your carpet, or at least wait as long as you can
before having it professionally cleaned”

Carpet cleaning as well as the carpet manufacturing process has made leaps and bounds
over the last 50 years. I believe this myth dates back an earlier period when the science
behind the chemicals and the processes was not fully realized. Carpet quality was lower
and the options were fewer. Carpet cleaning methods and methodology was in its infancy.
These early cleaning pioneers left soap and residue within the carpeting which sustained
rapid re-soiling. This prompted the invention of what is called a fluorochemical or carpet
protection as well greatly enhanced cleaning methods, processes, chemicals and equipment.
The cleaning process is now broken down to a literal science. The Carpet & Rug institute,
the IICRC, as well as Mohawk Industries and Shaw all recommend hot water, truck-mounted
extraction cleaning as the preferred cleaning method of choice.