Carpet Cleaning Myth #5

"Dry cleaning is actually a better cleaning method than “wet” or steam cleaning!”

This myth has all but been dispelled. However, the myth was probably once derived
as somewhat believable due to the fact that “dry” cleaning can of course, dry more
quickly. However the myth grew due to the overabundance of “bad” (and by bad, I mean
inexperienced, untrained and without the proper equipment) steam cleaners out there. A
lot of these guys would and still do leave the carpet way too wet. They don’t take the time
to do the “dry” pass. Sometimes they clean with way too much pressure and water or even
detergent or all three. Often times, they don’t properly neutralize their cleaning solution
back to a pH 7. All of these factors combined, attributed to this myth. Because, all of these
factors combined make for one bad carpet cleaning job. However, dry cleaning, while it
might appear to leave the carpet dry on the surface actually leaves a substantial amount of
residue within your carpeting. There is either very little to no extraction taking place, so all
of the dirt, soil and soap is left within your carpeting and ends up attracting more dirt…”It’s
a viscous cycle.”