Carpet Cleaning Myth #6

“You seem way more expensive than the coupons I usually get in the mail”

I don’t even know if it’s worth responding to this one. I think, by now most of us know
what these guys are up to. Its classic “bait and switch” at its best. Beware of anyone who
cannot quote or will not quote you an upfront per square foot price. These “coupon guys”
as I like to refer to them use guerrilla marketing tactics and high pressure salesmen to force
you into spending a lot more money than you had bargained for initially. They nickel-and-
dime you on every conceivable “up-sale” requiring you to pay extra to even use detergent
on the cleaning of your carpet. And you’re like: “Really…extra to use some detergent, but I
thought you were here to…clean my carpet…really?” Shady, shady, shady, shady. Here
are a few pointers I tell my customers or prospects to search for or insist on when seeking
professional carpet cleaning:

1. Insist on an IICRC Certified professional (This means the professional has taken a
course of at least 16 classroom hours of training and received at least a 75% on the ensuing
exam. They have at least been taught best practices and methods.)

2. Inquire as to which cleaning method will be utilized? (And insist on hot water, truck-
mounted extraction…preferably with a Rotary Jet Extraction machine)

3. Inquire as to the type of soaps of the level of pH of the detergent utilized (anything
over 10 for Nylon carpeting is simply too strong)

4. Inquire as to the pricing structure (and insist on square foot and not per room)

5. Ask for a free estimate before-hand