Holiday Carpet Cleaning Tips

“It's the Most Wonderful Time....of the Year...It's the Hap...Happiest Season of ALLLLLLL.”

The holidays are most definitely upon us and with that we have family functions and gatherings, holiday greetings and gay, happy meetings with relatives demanding our figgy pudding, parties for hosting, marshmallows for roasting with scary ghost stories (actually I've never known where the ghost stories come from...but maybe you and your family are happily carrying on that tradition), and tales of the glory...from Christmases long, long ago. I suppose what I'm getting at is, there has always been two schools of thought.

Two Schools of Thought for Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Clean your flooring and immaculize your house before your guests come to town? 
  2. Clean your flooring and immaculize your house after your guests leave? My personal preference would be the former, with the addition of a few simple tips and tricks to mitigate the damage or staining caused by your guests during your holiday greetings and gay, happy meetings. So, regardless of your personal preference, what do you do during the holidays to minimize or mitigate staining from cranberry sauce spills to pumpkin pie accidents, to even little ones tracking in mud and pet accidents (like your dog chasing a squirrel around your home and destroying your flooring in the process)? 

 I am constantly asked: What can I use at home to take care of pet accidents? Or, do you have a home remedy for removing stains? A lot of people ask me if vinegar works as a stain remover or if carbonated water and baking soda and/ or nail polish remover will remove various stains? Truthfully, I don't really know. Maybe I should, but I've never had to use those home remedies, because the professional products I frequently use and purchase definitely do take care of most any stains. The problem is that my customers haven't always had access to my array of cleaning compounds...until now.

And one more thing, the reason I can't recommend an “over the counter” spot and stain remover you would purchase at Wal-Mart, is because they are typically very sneaky about the chemical content. Generally, they will not disclose the alkalinity or neutrality of the product and will hide the fact that they contain optical brighteners (which cause the illusion that the stain has been eliminated, but in reality your carpet has been bleached out and will continue to bleach over time).

Therefore, and introducing (drumroll please) Groom Industries product line Found Here. Here’s what you'll see:

  1. A wealth of information regarding their cleaning compounds (which are actually a modified or neutralized version of the very same products I use and recommend to work miracles at your home).
  2. A spot and stain remover chart, which will walk you through the process of removing everything from chewing gum to latex paint to blood and even urine staining and odor.
  3. Various carpet cleaning tips as well as special offers on everything from natural stone cleaners to tile and grout cleaners to leather and wood to even general purpose and bathroom cleaners and finally the application techniques for each 
  4. If you've secretly admired my carpet rake from afar, but were too timid to ask where you might pick one is your chance. They even offer free shipping on all orders over $50.00.

This year you can rest assured and be prepared for whatever comes your way. And please note that all of these products come with my personal stamp of approval. I have given various compounds away to customers and family alike and all have been amazed by the results. And for your regular, deep cleanings (whether they take place before or after the holidays) please give me a call and we'll certainly do our best to fit you in during this most happiest, and most busiest time of the year.