Winter Window Cleaning

Have You Done Your Winter Window Cleaning Yet?

Most people don't pay much attention to their windows until they can't see through them. Window cleaning ought to be done regularly in Arizona to keep up with our extreme climate and weather patterns. In some parts of this country the weather is mild and people have soft enough water coming from their hoses that they can spray their windows themselves, let them dry in the sun and call it “good enough”.

Don't’ get jealous, those people usually have to put up with things like snow, black ice, layering their clothes and shoveling their driveway while you're at the golf course. It's a trade off.

In Arizona, we don't have to worry about extreme cold (or even mildly cold) weather, our windows won't fog, frost over or freeze in the winter.Instead, our windows have to protect us from dust storms, relentless heat and torrential rains. This can really take a toll on your glass, and your screens.

Trying to Do It Yourself requires a lot of equipment, guess work and time that you probably don't have laying around.

  • To really get the job done right you'll need to get your screens out and cleaned, without damaging them, to extend the life of the screens. 
  • Getting rid of dust, mud, bird droppings, sap and spider webs usually requires pressure washing, and sometimes even that's not enough. 
  • To actually clean the glass you'll need a streak free solution or filtered and softened water. 
  • You'll need to get it onto the window quickly and thickly and then squeegee it off quickly to avoid streaks and water spots caused by the solution evaporating before you can get to it. 

A lot of it comes down to proper squeegee technique, the angle of the blade means the difference between a streaked or clear window.

When you call Suds we make sure it is done correctly, regardless of the heat or debris that have attacked your windows. We:

  1. Remove and hand scrub screens. 
  2. Dust and pressure wash window, track and window sill to remove spider webs, dust and debris. 
  3. Scrub windows and remove anything stuck to the glass with a razor scraper, as needed.
  4. Squeegee the glass in one fluid continuous stroke, even cleaning odd shapes and detailed scrollwork and glass etching in one pass. 
  5. Dry edges and track with lint free cloth and hand vacuum interior window sill. 

Windows are an important investment here in the valley, they protect your home from the elements, some even insulate your home from the relentless Arizona sun. Sand and rain storms damage your investment over time if left unattended. We'll get your glass so clean you won't even notice it's there.

Call Suds and take advantage of our OCD window cleaning.