Carpet Cleaning Myth #3

“I don’t need to have my carpet cleaned professionally, that’s what my Bissell is
for!” or “No that room is good, we just rented the Rug Doctor from Fry’s and it did an…OK

Carpet Cleaning Myth #2

“Carpet protection seems way too expensive to be worth it…I think I’ll hold off”

The Art of Becoming a Neat Freak Article #1- Carpet Care Tips

Becoming a Neat Freak is really not as difficult as one might think. Follow the 5 simple suggestions below and you will be well on your way to attaining that state of cleanliness-bliss so many before have enjoyed.

Carpet Cleaning Myth #1

1) “This is brand new carpeting and is only 2 years old, I’ll call you when it really looks
like it needs a cleaning”

I hear this one all the time, and because this myth is so wide-spread, I’m going to provide a
two-part answer: