Hardwood Cleaning & Refinishing

Believe it or not...traditional "Sanding and Refinishing" of your hardwood (or engineered wood) floors are not your only alternative to revitalizing a dirty, dingy, distressed, scratched, chipped, and worn-out hardwood floor (Don't believe me...take a look below). But we have cracked the code and with zen-like powers can bring your hardwood flooring back to life...at a fraction of the cost. Your floor is just dying to show off it's inner beauty once more. So, before you decide to bring in an intrusive team of contractors (with big, dirty steel-toed boots) who will grind and sand down the top layer, leaving a fine powder in every nook and cranny in your home...why don't you call an artist instead, and save yourself about $4.00 per foot. The process is extensive and requires all 6 steps below. We love the end result as do our customers, and we have even been know to bust out the magnifying glass and color palate in order to perfect our trade and exemplify what we really are:

6 Steps

  1. Furniture Removal or Manipulation: All furniture is moved or manipulated, giving us a clean and wide open area to work within.
  2. Thorough Preparation of the Surface: The entire flooring surface is swept and or vacuumed, taking great care to remove all dirt or sand grit and debris that could potentially scratch or damage the surface during the power scrub treatment.
  3. Masking Off of All Transition Surfaces:We mask off and protect any and all areas that transitions directly from the Hardwood in order to preserve and respect the other flooring fibers and surfaces within your home.
  4. Deep Clean and Power Scrub: Utilizing a neutral cleaner and pre-spray designed specifically for hardwood, we treat a 4x4 section and power scrub the surface with a flooring swing machine and abrasive cleaning pad which will penetrate deep into every crevice and crack of the wood. We maintain low moisture systems to preserve the wood and immediately extract the dirty rinse water upon completed cleaning of each section.
  5. Color Stain Match and Color Filling: This is why they call us artists. Once the surface has been properly cleaned and prepared, we will be staining (with a stain or colored pens or markers) any areas which have lost their original color or luster. And we will be attempting to color fill (with the use of a color matched and bonded puddy) any larger scratches, dents, divots and chips.
  6. Application of the Preservation Finish:Finally, we will be applying at least 2 coats of a Preservation Finish (Take your pick between a Gloss & Satin options) and buffing the floor to a glossy shine. The preservation finish is designed to fill the smaller imperfections and can actually erase or make invisible hairline scratches. This finish is engineered to preserve the existing wood stain finish and will maintain and preserve the top coat, so we don't end up with worn down areas in the future (such as underneath the bar stools below).


Hardwood Cleaning & Refinishing - $1.25 - $2.00 per sq. ft.

"Suds polished the travertine tile in two baths and a laundry, sealed the grout, and refinished the hardwood floors. Their customer service stood out, as did their willingness to work within the short time frame we gave them. They were flexible when we needed to change, and they were willing to work the hours required to complete the project on time."

-Aggie C.Rating