Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Wizard might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but I am a Carpet Cleaning Gilbert AZ professional. When it comes to carpet cleaning all men are not created equal. And when it comes to carpet cleaning methods; all systems, processes, chemicals and equipment are certainly not created equal either…and that’s simply the beginning. I utilize only the best method in the industry...namely steam-clean, truck-mounted extraction with the Rotovac 360. It takes 10 Steps.

In one minute the Rotovac's rotating stainless steel heads produce 750 multidirectional cleaning passes providing a consistent clean throughout your home. The powerful vacuum slots also leave the carpet about 20% drier than conventional steam cleaning methods. My system is actually designed to restore matted traffic areas and no other cleaning method or operator can match its deep-cleaning results. Remember that SUDS serves the entire East Valley from Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gold Canyon, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Your clean carpets will be thrilled you called!

10 Stage Carpet Cleaning/Restoration Process:

  1. Furniture moving where applicable: (Beds, Armoires, Dressers and larger pieces are typically left in place)
  2. Pre-Vacuuming: (A crucial step which most operators fail to perform) True HEPA filtering capabilities utilized
  3. Pre-Conditioning and Spot Treatment: All areas and spots are  pre-treated to ensure more effective stain and soil removal
  4. Pre-Groom: Carpet Rake conditioning in heavy traffic areas to further break down stains and soiling
  5. Clean and Sanitize: Using the Rotovac 360 at 245° of heat, the fiber is cleaned, rinsed and bacteria is eliminated. An extraction emulsifier and  acid rinse that will also ensure that NO RESIDUE is left behind
  6. Dry Pass Extraction: Each cleaning pass is repeated with the jets turned off, effectively extracting all suspended soils and moisture
  7. Edge Cleaning & Vacuum: All the edges and corners of each room and crevice are thoroughly flushed clean (No stone is left unturned…no corner is left unclean)
  8. Post-Groom: The carpet is groomed with a carpet rake to ensure that the pile fiber dries evenly and looks fantastic.
  9. High Velocity Speed Dry: Each room is then dried with air movers, featuring the Studebaker Airpath 360 to greatly speed up the drying process. My typical dry-time is between 1-3 hours. Not 1-3 days.
  10. Carpet Protectant: I highly recommend the recurring use of a carpet protectant. With the application of this amazing product I can actually guarantee that your carpet will last longer.


    Carpet Cleaning: $0.42 - $0.65 per sq. ft.
    Stairs: $3.50 per stair
    Maxim Advanced Carpet Protectant: $0.25 per sq. ft.

Prices vary depending upon the overall condition and make-up of the fiber as well the amount of time and chemicals I would exhaust in order to obtain the desired results. But with everything else, if you’re hung up on something or need some clarification…just call me.

Oriental Rug Cleaning:

Similar to the process used to clean wall-to-wall carpeting, I am also capable of cleaning area rugs of all shapes, makes and sizes. Area rugs serve to beautify and enhance the color scheme of an entire room or sometimes even the entire home. Persian or Oriental Rugs, when properly cared for look amazing and vibrant and as once quoted in a famous movie can really serve to “Tie the whole room together.”


Oriental or Persian Rug Cleaning: $1.50 - $2.50 per sq. ft.
Synthetic Area Rug Cleaning: $0.50 - $1.00 per sq. ft.
Fine Fiber Protectant: $0.40 per sq. ft.

Please note that prices are subject to change and do fluctuate based upon the makeup of the rugs, the tendency to bleed, shrink or fray as well as the general condition of the fiber and/or frays.

Urine Staining And Odor Removal

Truly, you don’t have to simply learn to live with that pungent, knock -you-down, I’m-going-to-take-that-dog-to-the-pound-if-this-ever-happens-again smell, or the staining caused by your pet’s accidents. Brilliant chemists have actually broken the code and I am able to guarantee the complete eradication of your odor problem. In order to save you from a long and tedious explanation, let me just say that the process involves the use of a Water Claw (sub-surface extractor) and a 5 gallon bucket of the very best odor counteractant on the market. I will literally “Abracadabra” the odor away.


$100.00 per 5 gallon bucket


Only matched by the exquisite results of our carpets and sofa being transformed, is Daniel's professionalism and wonderful disposition. I promise you won't be disappointed.”

Carrie M.Rating


“Daniel did an excellent job cleaning our carpets. He was thorough, careful with my furniture and walls (which was important as we recently remodeled), and our end result was extraordinary. It was easy to have him in our home all day. It is important to Daniel that his customer is satisfied and comfortable and that his work is of the highest quality. He is not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.”

AMY S.Rating



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