Carpet Stretching & Repair

Most of the time, when a serious stain occurs that cannot be removed with conventional steam-cleaning methods; replacement is typically the first option. However, replacement should alternatively be a last-resort. I am able to perform surgery on your floor by transplanting the stained area with either an original piece of left-over installation carpeting or perhaps a portion from a closet if needed.

This simple suture can save thousands of dollars compared to a re-installation. Whether it’s a burn, oxidized urine stain, Kool-Aid or some other unsightly eye-sore in the middle of your family room, you should consider repairing as a viable and cost-effective alternative. Now you see where carpet wizard is starting to come in to play!


Most repairs require a $50.00 minimum.

The price goes up from there depending upon the size of the area and the fiber in question as well as the transplant that I would have at my disposal.

Gilbert Carpet Stretching

If your kids are constantly puncturing the souls of their feet because of the exposed tack strip where the living room meets the kitchen, you might want to consider carpet stretching. If you refer to your carpet as being wavy or bubbly…Once again, carpet stretching. These problems are not only dangerous and unsightly, but each of these issues will significantly speed up the wearing process of your carpet, forcing you to consider replacing it prematurely. With the proper tools and training I can stretch your carpeting over that tack strip or make it taught as it was intended and remove the excess and you’ll never have to put a Band-Aid on the bottom of little Johnny’s foot again.


Generally speaking, I charge $0.52 per sq. ft. to stretch carpeting

“Daniel is always prompt, courteous, and professional. He truly cares about not only your carpets and floors, but his customer. We consider him a "friend" now as we get to know more about him. You will not be disappointed in his service and follow up. Highly recommended.”



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