Upholstery Cleaning

It’s time to set your upholstery free! Say no to those restrictive slip covers and throw blankets quietly and covertly disguising the juice box your two year old spilled on your Love-seat yesterday. It’s time for upholstery everywhere to stand up and shout, “I’m beautiful just the way I am, and I’m tired of hiding behind this façade.” I can show you how magnificent your upholstery really is and just why you fell in love with it…all those years ago.

I just got this brand new upholstery tool and let’s just say that I’m trigger happy. I love it. It works wonders. I want to clean anything I can get my hands on with it. It’s called the Hydrokinetic Upholstery tool and it’s been termed the most innovative upholstery cleaning tool ever developed. To make a long and very technical, boring and patented process more simplified: I can clean with a lot more pressure while still leaving the fiber nearly dry…it’s the greatest thing ever.


Sectional: $125.00 -$160.00
Sofa: $60.00 -$75.00
Loveseat: $50.00-$65.00
Arm Chair: $25.00-$35.00
Ottoman: $10.00-$50.00

Prices vary depending upon the size of each piece, the type of fiber it is made of, the overall condition, the presence of a Chase and/or the amount of additional decorative cushions requiring cleaning as well.

“Suds is awesome! They were right on what they quoted: they were here when they said they would be, it took as long as they said it would, and they did a great job. It looks like my furniture and carpets are brand new!”