Window Cleaning

A window of opportunity for me to shine. Squeaky clean windows are a subliminal message you are sending to all who enter your domain: This house is now officially clean! I love cleaning windows and I love how it brightens up my customers’ homes and/or commercial spaces. The process is extensive and methodical and starts out utilizing professional grade equipment and procedures. Trust me when I say it takes at least 5 steps to properly clean your glass:

  1. Remove, Wash & Re-Install Screens: (methodically wash & hand-scrub)
  2. Cobweb & Dirt Removal: A cobweb duster or a pressure wash is used to effectively remove dirt, debris and cobwebs from within the window track as well as the surrounding ledges and window sills.
  3. Cleaning & Scrubbing: Each pane is thoroughly washed, (if there is any paint overspray or debris adhered to the glass, the use of a razor scraper could be needed)
  4. Squeegee: Utilizing a rubber channel squeegee I artfully clean, calligraph and squeegee your glass in one pass without ever lifting the rubber from the pane.
  5. Track Cleaning: All edges are wiped with a lint-free cloth taking care to clean the window tracks and sills. A hand vacuum is used on the interior windows to remove dirt, debris and dead bugs...Oh yeah!


Regular Window Cleaning: $4.00 per pane

Interior/Exterior price of any window less than 5’. A pane consists of a 4 sided or enclosed window. In a typical bedroom you would see a panel of 2 windows with one being stationary and the other sliding open.

Picture Window Cleaning: $5.00 per pane

Interior/exterior price of any window measuring greater than 5’…your sliding glass doors would be a good example

Second Story Window Cleaning: $6.00 per pane

Interior/exterior price of any regular sized window requiring ladder access on at least one side

French Pane: $10.00

Interior/exterior price of a typical grouping of 8 individual window panes

Basement Window Cleaning: $5.00

Interior/exterior price of any regular sized window requiring basement ladder access on the outside

Screen Cleaning: $3.00 per screen

(Regular bug screens, which can be easily removed and provide no light or shade relief on the interior.)

Shade Screen Cleaning: $8.00-$12.00 per screen

Larger, thicker and darker than bug screens that typically cover the entire panel of windows. Price varies depending upon whether they were installed with tabs or screwed directly into your home.


General Pricing is subject to change and does vary based upon the overall condition of the glass as well as the presence of paint overspray or hard water calcification. If you have any questions…just call. Please remember that we service the entire East Valley. Whether you live in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler or Gold Canyon your clean windows will sparkle and shine and you'll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Pressure Washing

Don’t forget the pressure wash. This is an incredibly popular service right now, especially when you consider that we just emerged from one of the hottest, dirtiest and dustiest Monsoon’s on record. If you think your car looks bad, you should take a real close look at your home. The dust has actually adhered to and blended with the stucco, wood and paint scheme in a way that has caused most of us to wonder what color our homes’ used to be? A deep exterior home pressure-wash can cure all of your color scheme ills and bring that original bright and illustrious color back. Your pop-outs and accents will finally be able to shout again “Hey remember me, I’m actually a different color than the rest of the house?” This service comes at a fraction of the cost of an exterior paint job, but your home will literally sparkle.


2000 - 2500 Sq. Ft = $150.00
2501 - 3000 Sq. Ft = $175.00
3001 - 3500 Sq. Ft = $215.00
3501 - 4000 Sq. Ft = $250.00
4001 - 5000 Sq. Ft = $305.00

The above prices include the basic exterior home pressure washing of a one-story home. (A two-story home would add roughly $50.00 to the prices quoted below). Prices are subject to change and vary depending upon the general condition, the amount of patio space and/or obstacles and the overall height of the exterior walls of your home

“Windows and screens, inside and out, SPARKLING. Carpet, especially traffic areas, looks new again. I love SUDS and will share the good news with my clients and friends."

ANNE L.Rating